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Recruit and Retain are working to promote front line health based career opportunities in Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Canada and Ireland & Northern Ireland.

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What are we doing?

We are identifying problems encountered in recruitment, retention, relocation and career development for rural health care workers.

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A unique place

The rural areas of Northern Europe can provide health care workers with opportunities to develop their careers in a unique cultural environment.

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Life enhancing

If you are a Psychiatrist or Optometrist, in Västerbotten or Akureyri, then you’ve probably encountered the positive aspects of life in a remote region, as well as the more challenging ones.

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Innovative solutions

We are developing ways to combat isolation, support your family, protect your professional aspirations, develop your career and help you make the transition from an urban to a rural setting.

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Safe and reliable

We’re doing this, so that inhabitants, of remote areas have confidence that their front line health care will be met, by well-trained professionals, capable of delivering a safe and modern service.

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Recruit and Retain is a Northern Periphery Programme evidence based development project.

We aim to develop co-ordinated packages which will support the:

  • Training of health care personnel
  • Skills development
  • Effects of isolation
  • Welfare of families

Solutions Booklet Available!
The Recruit & Retain booklet contains individual factsheets providing a series of defined, developed and piloted solutions identified from partner status reports, online questionnaires and structured interviews. Download it here

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