Second Exchange

A General Practitioner Dr Sarah Maguire from North Donegal in the Republic of Ireland made a visit to Asele in the Southern Lapland area of Sweden at the end of September 2013 and stayed until early October 2013. 

The exchange programme has been designed through the project to enable professionals to gain exposure to clinical practice in remote rural areas in another country across the Northern Periphery region. The objective is to help motivate and inspire people to consider working in rural healthcare. 

Dr Maguire returned with a comprehensive report on key comparisons of infrastructure, daily routines and role substitution; she identified a number of similarities in the roles of General Practitioners in Sweden and Ireland. Dr Maguire commented that: “The most exhilarating thing about experiencing a transnational GP exchange programme is that, once again, it is made clear to me that General Practice is a very portable profession!” For more details of the report please click here.

Earlier in May 2013 a General Practitioner, Dr Meike Harmening, originally from Germany now living and working in Southern Lapland, Sweden completed an observational spell between a number of rural General Practice facilities in North Donegal and Fermanagh in Ireland with a tour of a newly constructed acute hospital in Enniskillen. Her report can be found at

It is anticipated that such transnational exchange visits will encourage regional health care organisations to promote the benefits of working in remote rural areas by showcasing the opportunities available in their own region.

Wesley Henderson
Project Manager (Ireland)
October 2013


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