Sign On Fee

Sign-on fee has been piloted at the Medical Ward at Hammerfest hospital. The manager presented the service to the staff encouraging them to promote their work place to nurses who were considering relocating to Hammerfest. An contract was issued for both the new recruit and the employee who recruited him/her stating the terms and confirming a cash sum payment of NOK 10 000 each.

The clinical director initiated the agreement and allocated the additional funding.

The contract was drawn up by HR department together with the clinical director and a legal advisor.

The cash sums are tax-deductable.

The contract for the person who recruited is a separate document signed off by the manager of the Medical ward.

The contract for the new recruit is an appendix to the placement contract stating that the employee is entitled to the sign on fee and also the stay on bonus after 18 months.

The salary department receives a copy of all documents ensuring that the payment is issued.


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