Interdisciplinary Rural Group To Enhance Rural Health Care

Setting up an interdisciplinary rural group aiming at enhancing health care in the rural areas

A need for new approach was identified since ongoing work did not give adequate solution. A group of people on management level from stakeholders within and outside health care was established. The group sets up 2-3 identifiable goals and invites partners to the group relevant to achieve the goals.

Once a goal has been reached another one is set up so the work is self-sustainable. The interdisciplinary rural group has e.g. been working on establishing a curriculum for a diploma course, on a master’s level, in rural health care. This course will be hosted by the School of Health Sciences at the University of Akureyri.

This will be a way to provide the professionals in the rural areas with a forum and an opportunity to prevent professional isolation. The rural group appoints a leader and meets at least twice a year in a physical meeting. The e-mails are used in between if necessary. The work process is still in development.

Contact Details:
Akureyri Hospital
Enquiries to Hildigunnur Svavarsdottir, 00354 4630100 or


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