Aims & Objectives

Recruit and Retain is a project which sets out to find solutions to the persistent problem of difficulties in recruiting and retaining high quality people to work in the public sector in the remote rural areas of Northern Europe. The core project will address issues and solutions with respect to health care workers. The Recruit and Retain Strategic Management Group will identify areas within the core project work which are applicable to other public service workers. This will relate to those people working in education, the social services, the fire and emergency services and local government civil servants and will constitute the additional work of the Strategic project.

Within its core service package innovative approaches to

  • training
  • professional development and skills maintenance
  • combating isolation
  • securing social and family stability

will be sought, advanced and tested. This will allow a novel long term service provision plan for all public sector workers to be developed in the form of a business model capable of being adapted to differing regional contexts at both a regional and national level.


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