About Recruit & Retain

Recruit and Retain is a project which sets out to find solutions to the persistent problem of difficulties in recruiting and retaining high quality people to work in the public sector in the remote rural areas of Northern Europe. The core project will address issues and solutions with respect to health care workers. The Recruit and Retain Strategic Management Group will identify areas within the core project work which are applicable to other public service workers. This will relate to those people working in education, the social services, the fire and emergency services and local government civil servants and will constitute the additional work of the Strategic project.

We will develop innovative approaches for:

  • training
  • professional development and skills maintenance
  • combating isolation
  • securing social and family stability

The products and services developed will focus on:

  • Advertising and promoting the opportunities for public sector workers in remote rural areas and emphasising the positive aspects of working in this challenging environment
  • developing ways to reduce professional isolation by traditional and innovative methods
  • generating urban rural partnerships links with universities, professional training bodies and service providers to underpin the remote rural services
  • finding ways to support spouses, social networks, housing, child care and schooling
  • encouraging the development of systems which enable local remote rural populations and local authorities to support their public sector workers

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